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Nvidia’s New Titan X

The Titan X is an ideal video card that one will enjoy for the 4 K resolution play. It has an incredible speed as compared to Titan black. Just before the invention of the new Titan X, it was still the best to use. The old Titan X had some drawbacks such as that not all games were well-placed while using it. The Titan X along with its price reveals that it’s not for everyone. It is for people who would wish to go higher in gaming. The release of the new Titan X was shortly after the release of GTX 1070, 1080 and 1060.

August had a new Titan for all gaming fanatics. It was booming time for the new Titan X. Imagine having a 60% addition of speed of the old Titan X which was the king the gaming world. Its vibration was in the UK and USA as GPU powers it had GP102 Pascal. It is selling only through the NVidia’s store on the internet.

Speculation reveal that it will soon be in the retail shops with the aim of changing the demand and supply powers of the market. With this innovation, there is much to boast of as the hotness of the graphic card makes it a certain luxury from the blues with 60% higher than the original Titan x as regards to its 6.6 teraflops. A new chip powers the great invention with 3583 CUDA being the cores in it. However, the amount of texture of the innovation is still the secret of the NVidia Company. The boost of streaming multiprocessors exceeds 40% with a backing up of an amazing 12GB memory GDDR5X to be precise.

NVidia used the largest chip in the making of the new invention. For the company, there is no retreat. Those in the hopes for the return of Stellar FP64 will sure face disappointment. It pushes for neural network throughout its inventions. With the consideration of the rush of the company regarding innovations, there are high expectations of playing 4K60 in the coming year and of course at fairer prices.